Dual Monitors on Ubuntu 9.10

As I said, I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10.
I needed to get dual monitors working.

As I have a NVIDIA graphics card, there is under ‘System > Administration > NVIDIA X Server Settings’

Here I selected ‘X Server Display Configuration’ then selected the second display, clicked ‘Configure’ and selected ‘TwinView’ and click ‘Apply’

This enables the second monitor. However when I clicked ‘Save to X Configuration File’ I got the error:

Unable to remove old X config backup file ‘/etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup’.

To resolve this all I did was open up a terminal and did the following: sudo nvidia-xconfig

Now when I click apply, there is no error.

I also want on the second screen a second taskbar, I found this:

1.) Right click on anywhere on the launchbar, click “New Panel”
2.) Drag that to any monitor.
3.) Right click on that panel, and click “Add to Panel”
4.) Select “Window List” under Desktop and Windows
5.) Click Add.
6.) Click Close, and you’re done.

from this guy.

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4 Responses to “Dual Monitors on Ubuntu 9.10”

  1. empamiundonee Says:

    Excellent post, great looking blog, added it to my favorites!

  2. Chris Stevenson Says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I came up dry a few weeks back in searching for assistance. This helps.

    I could also use some help in having my desktop run across two monitors versus just a duplicated screen. Any suggestions there? I’m running a Lenovo laptop with an external monitor connected.

  3. Richard Claude Says:

    Hello and thanks for posting this useful blurb. Apparently you are one of the few that can make this work. WHICH Nvidia card or chipset ??? The more exact you can be, the better. And what was the source of the original drivers that you then fixed via the above?

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